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R&D Policy

  • Act on Promotion of Science and Technology in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Comprehensive Plan to Promote R&D
  • Technology Development Strategy in Industrial Areas
    • Production System Industry
    • Resources and Environmental Ecological Industries
    • Production and Processing Industries
    • Distribution and Food Industries
    • Bio-Industry
    • IBNT Convergence and Informatization Industry
    • Culture Industry
  • R&D Promotion System
  • R&D Organization

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Home Home R&D Policy Resources and Environmental Ecological Industries to Lead Low-carbon, Green Growth

Resources and Environmental Ecological Industries to Lead Low-carbon, Green Growth A leading global R&D planning and evaluation institute for technological innovation in food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries

LAST UPDATE : 2016-01-01

  • Response to climate change/environmental ecology
  • Soil and water resources management
  • Disaster and disease prevention and control

Formation of healthy ecological environment through response to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Mid- & long-term R&D vision and objectives
  • Vision- ·Management system establishment for ecosystem in agriculture,forestry andfisheries to lead low-carbon green growth
  • Objectives- ·Climate change prediction, impact evaluation and greenhouse gas reduction technology development ·Sustainable production infra for agriculture, forestry and fisheries in response to climate change and other environmental change  ·Prediction of and response to change to agriculture, forestry and fisheries base under anthropogenic global warming

Core strategic technology
Core strategic technology detailed dataTable
Core strategic
level (%)
goal (%)
Adaptation to climate change and health diagnostics and management technology of ecological environment 66 83
  • Weather damage mechanism and technology to reduce and prepare for damage
  • Agriculture,forestry andfisheries environment measurement and biomass quantity estimation
  • Technology to evaluate and manage impact on ecosystem and industry
  • Cultivar development to adapt to climate change
  • Physiological, ecological and health index development
  • Low carbon-producing fishing gear and operation and efficient fishery exploration system
  • Management of foreign diseases brought by climate change
  • Marine farm development and afforestation by tracking production volume of coastal resources
  • Technology to form ecosystem and use resources in inland waters
Carbon capture and evaluation technology 65 84
  • Evaluation technology of entire process by crop kinds
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) materials development
  • Greenhouse gas statistics, carbon accounts and reduction technology
  • Infra establishment for carbon labelling on agri-food
  • Agricultural ecosystem-disturbance index and integrated evaluation system development
environmentfriendly production technology
65 83
  • Livestock excretion treatment and manure and liquid manure composting
  • Local system establishment to use recycled energy resources
  • Pollution source control and management technology


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