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LAST UPDATE : 2016-01-01

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Subject Production and industrialization of well-being source meat through development
Date 2016-12-15 18:05:53 Hit 256
Contents Ⅰ. Title
Production and industrialization of well-being source meat through development of
environment-friendly functional feed additives

Ⅱ. Research performance
The index for research performance evaluation was three applications and one registration
of patent, two SCI research papers, three technology transfer deals, education of three
graduate students, six cases of industrialization and two cases of promotion. In this project,
we applied for four patents and published two SCI-level papers. In addition, we contracted
four technology transfer agreements and five graduate students got their degrees. We
produced six farm products and promoted through the media including broadcasting and
newspaper for 29 times. And one non-SCI paper and 8 meeting presentations were

Ⅲ. The purpose and need of R & D
The final goal of this research is to proceed further development phase following the
previous 3 year project "Bio-Feed Additives Research Center (BFARC)". We mainly
focused on developing environment-friendly functional feed additives and omega fatty
acid-balanced feed using multi-species probiotics, bio-active compounds and functional
agricultural and marine by-products to produce and industrialize well-being source meat
and processed meat.
The detailed research goals are: 1) Industrialization of the results of previous BFARC
project, 2) Optimization of production system of multi-species probiotics as an alternatives
of antibiotics, 3) Development of feed additives to increase transfer rate of bio-active
compounds to source meat, 4) Development of feed additives using functional agricultural
and marine by-products, 5) Establishment of optimal composition ratio of
environment-friendly functional feed additives containing multi-species probiotics, bio-active
compounds and agricultural and marine by-products, 6) Production and industrialization of
processed meat products using non-preferred meat part and fat, and 7) An increase of
domestic meat sales and income of livestock farms through increased consumption of
non-preferred meat part.
Nowadays, worldwide feed additives and probiotics market have been continuously
growing. In addition, probiotics have drawn attention in South Korea due to the strict
regulation of antibiotics as a growth promotor. However, probiotics that clearly proven its
effect and function are rare. We developed multi-species probiotics as an alternatives of
antibiotics and for environment-friendly livestock production.
Furthermore, functional food market has been increasingly growing because of the global
spread of well-being trend and the influence of aging society. There has been increasing
demand for safe livestock products that not only have taste and nutrition, but improve
consumer’s health. Additionally, high rate of non-preferred retail cut lower the
self-sufficiency ratio of domestic livestock products. Therefore, our group is trying to
produce environment-friendly and functional livestock products and their processed products
using preferred and non-preferred parts.
In addition, there has been various research to utilize agricultural and marine
by-products, along with the research investigating natural materials as alternatives of
antibiotics. To solve the environment problems and produce environment-friendly livestock
products, our team developed antibiotics alternatives using the natural substance in
agricultural and marine by-products.

Ⅳ. Contents of research
This project consists of three sub-projects. (1) Sub-project 1: Commercialization and
production of environment-friendly livestock products using multi-species probiotics as an
alternatives of antibiotics, (2) Sub-project 2: Commercialization and production of functional
livestock products using bio-active compound-containing feed additives, and (3) Cooperative
project 1: Development of environment-friendly and well-being feed additives using
agricultural and marine by-products.
This project was organized to facilitate the technology transfer and successful commercial
production through cooperation between university and involved companies.
The followings are contents of each project. Project I: Establishment of optimal
composition of multi-species probiotics, including lactic acid bacteria (LAB), yeast and
Bacillus that specialized to defense against pathogen; Establishment of large-scale
production system and formulations that enhance delivery efficiency across the
gastrointestinal tract, Project Ⅱ: Development of feed additives that increase transfer rate
of bio-active compounds in source meat, using polymeric carrier, and Cooperative project I:
Development of functional feed additives using agricultural and marine by-products that
was confirmed those effects through the previous project.

Ⅴ. Results
Project I, multi-species probiotics team: The main goal of this team is 1) to develop the
optimal composition of multi-species probiotics including LAB, yeast and Bacillus as
antibiotic alternatives and 2) to optimize the industrial production process. For this goal,
two strains (Pediococcus acidilactici GS1, Lactobacillus plantarum GS1), Saccharomyces
boulardii 796 and two strains (Bacillus licheniformis T2, Bacillus thuringiensis T3) were
selected from the LAB, yeast and Bacillus, respectively. And species-specific medium (P.
acidilactici–MRS/ L. plantarum–CM/ Yeast–YSM1/ Bacillus–BSM3-1), drying method
(LAB –freeze drying/ Yeast and Bacillus –hot spray drying) and excipient (LAB–skim
milk 98% + MSG 2%/ Yeast–rice bran / Bacillus - zeolite) were established and through
this method, we have finally produced multi-species probiotic samples.



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