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LAST UPDATE : 2016-01-01

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Subject Development of sauce products for export using Gochujang, Yuzu
Date 2017-02-01 16:16:42 Hit 1684
Contents Ⅰ. Title : Development of export-oriented higher value-added sauce using Gochujang & Yuzu

Ⅱ. Research Performance
○ Gochujang sauce products(6 items) and Yuzu sauce products(6 items) were developed
for export-oriented higher value-added sauces, and home meal replacement(HMR),
Based on the above sauce products, various recipes(50 menu) with a cooking manual
were developed along with HMR products(4 items)
○ A research paper was published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Food and
Nutrition, featuring ‘Gochujang sauce concept development’ through the application of
Quality Function Deployment around the American, Chinese market. Above this, 2
more non-SCI papers were also published, featuring antioxidant activity &
suppression effect on cancer cell proliferation of Yuzu (fermented) vinegar, and 9
cases of research contents were presented at various conferences.
○ A patent was applied by developing a packaging container with the cap for constant
discharge use as export-led smart sauce container development, and also 2 cases of
patent were applied in relation to the manufacturing technology of Yuzu vinegar
using Yuzu and low-fat mayonnaise containing the ground matter of fresh fruit
skins. Additionally, the export-led smart brand-domestic trademark “Mamssi’ and of
1 cases of overseas trademark named ‘MAGIC WAND’ targeting America were
applied for brand registration.
○ Developed sauce products and HMR were submitted for exhibition in SEOUL FOOD
SHOW, and overseas Hi-Japan Fair, etc. as a part of PR and sales promotion
activity. Through the export consultation meetings, positive buyer's opinion and
overseas market trends were collected.

Ⅲ. Objective and Significance
○ The world sauce market is estimated at 4.4 billion dollars in 2015 from 3.7 million
dollars in 2010, and the whole market for seasoning, dressing and spice is estimated
at 72 billion dollars in 2015.
○ For the development of agri-food into the higher value-added state, Korean food
style HMR is promising, being expected to make a high growth amounting to more
than 20 trillion won.
○ Gochujang has become a foundation of Korean food culture, and it contains various
flavor compounds, and shows biological functions such as anti-obesity and
anti-oxidant effect, etc. so product competitiveness is expected; therefore, it’s
promising to develop the locally preferred sauce products using Gochujang.
○ Yuzu is consumed for a snack and various cuisines by the middle class and above
around the people of Asian descent in China and America; in this context, it’s also
promising to develop sauce products preferred by locals using Yuzu for expanding
Yuzu consumption.
○ It’s promising to develop HMR products excellent in flavor, convenience, distribution
safety and re-hydration property through the understanding of Korean food
characterized by ferment-condiment food on the basis of the Gochujang &
Yuzu-applied sauce.

Ⅳ. Scope and Contents
The 1st Detail: Development of Gochujang-applied Export-type Sauce, and its
applied HMR Products Development
○ Commercialization of locals-preferred sauce and applied products using Gochujang
○ Establishement of salt reduction technique in Gochujang
○ Commercialization of HMR product using Gochujang sauce reflected with locals’
palatability and food intake environment
○ Sales promotion and publicity through local buyers and participation in the exhibition



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