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Animal Disease Management Technology Development Program A leading global R&D planning and evaluation institute for technological innovation in food, agriculture and forestry

LAST UPDATE : 2016-01-01

Project Objective
  • To effectively manage animal disease of national disaster such as foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza by providing support for development of life cycle technology for prevention, quarantine, diagnosis, disinfection, prevention of dissemination, and post management, and animal medical supplies
Project Information
Diagnosis,prevention technology
; Early discovery and minimized exposure of animal disease through rapid diagnosis and prevention
Development of detection and early warning system for foot-and-mouth disease, and preventive antiseptics and disinfection facilities (such as heat treatment and steam)
Quarantine,disinfection technology
; Border Quarantine, entrance of barns and farms, disinfection system through development of simple disinfection system installed in the district.
Development of border (airportharbor) quarantine system, omnidirectional disinfection system and disinfection personnel equipment, and quarantine and disinfection equipment development.
Prevention of dissemination and post management technology
; Minimization of risk through prevention of disease dissemination and post-outbreak management
Development of Technology for dissemination prediction model, preventive substitutes for foot-and-mouth disease, and waste treatment such as excretion of animals within the disinfection area.
Development of animal medical supplies
; Treatment vaccine for contagious animal disease, chemical treatment for curing diverse illness and feed additives.
Development of vaccine for animal disease other than foot-and mouth disease, treatment for animal AI and foot-and-mouth disease, and technology for maintenance and management of quality of herb medicine.


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